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My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's Sorry - follows Elsa (nice lil girl) after her grandma passes away. Must deliver apology letters to people. Strong platonic relationships (we stan). Also a BABY BOY
Abarat - islands are different hours of the day. A young woman travels there from Chickentown, USA and must defend against dark forces older than time. Paintings strewn through book.
Rosemary's Baby - protags move into apartment across from elderly couple. Rosemary is convinced they want to kidnap her baby (along with other people). You in danger, girl. (Horror, short)
The Girl Who Lived - Christopher Grayson. 4 peeps murdered, 1 girl survives. No one believes her story. She's crazy(?). Spiraling and fun things happen. Tracking down a killer.
The Tao of Bill Murray - real life stories. Hilarious Bill Murray stories. Everyday hijinks and shenanigans. Most outrageous stories, never before reported! Also emotions and context and such
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