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Dolores Clayborn. Stephen King. Horror, 65 old widow in Maine, gets accused of murder, backstory with life and daughter
The Indifferent Stars Above. True event, wagon trains on Oregon road, bad things happen (oh no!) spends the winter stuck, really bad (cannibals)
Brooklyn. Colm Toibin. Girl from Ireland, lives with sister and mom, gets visa to US to live in Brooklyn. Movie
Factfullness. General improvement of the world, gap in the west is gone, nonfiction, potential cool convos
Sadie by Courtney Summers. Reading a podcast format, raising a sister who dies (yikes), tries to bring killer to justice. Radio guy helps
The Haunting of Hill House. Not too scary, creepy mansion that people try to investigate. Slightly horror
Lust Caution. WWII, underground movement (China with Japanese occupation), group of theater students, try to kill ranking person and screw up, seduction (spicy), really short
The day the world came to town. 9/11 Canada, planes diverted and stuck on island, happy :)
The Thief of Always. Halloween, cool house but creepy (wants souls), creatures, spoopy. GOOD THEMES
The Sparrow by Mary Dory Russell. Written in the 80's, set in 2019. Finds ET life, religious groups decide to contact, focuses on 8 person mission, what it means to be human
Magic Strings of Franky Presto. Guitar player life, super cool famous musician, love, Mitch Album.
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