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Vote on "What theme should we play for the Slayers' Stronghold stream(s) this month?"
Ended: 2021-06-09 03:30:00
There Goes My Hero: Pick any planeswalker character. That planeswalker must be found in the art, flavor text, or name of at least 60 cards or as many as possible if there are at least 25. The color identity of the deck must be the smallest color identity that contain all planeswalkers with that type, unless doing so would prevent the deck from having 25 cards referencing that planeswalker. Lastly, all planeswalkers of that type must be in the deck.
Oops All (insert card type): Choose a permanent or spell type and build your whole deck (excluding commander and lands) with that card type only. (No companions.)
What's Your Sign?: Build a deck with each of the nonlands related either to your zodiac sign and/or your Chinese zodiac sign.
Story Time!: make a deck themed around your favorite fiction book/series.
Upgrade Guides: Take a preconstructed decklist, swap out 10 cards. Any of the Precons from 2011 until now. The 10 cards represent the 10 years of the commander sealed product. (The first ones were released in June 2011.)
Back Door Brawl: Your Commander must be castable as a noncreature spell.
It's a Zoo: All creature cards in your deck must be animals. No humanoids, golems, plants, etc.
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