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Vote on "Book Club 3/13/19 -- MR. PENUMBRA'S 24-HOUR BOOK VOTE --"
Tenth of December -- Short story collection of moral dilemmas [Realistic Fiction]
Mort -- Terry Pratchet, young man becomes DEATH's apprentice [Comedy, Light Scifi]
Anna Dressed in Blood -- Ghost hunter gonna hunt ghosts [Horror, Romance]
Thief of Always -- The Holiday House eats childrens' souls and Harvey has to beat it (Monster House?) [Fantasy, Horror]
Consider Phlebas -- Space adventure to infiltrate a dead planet to capture an enemy AI [Adventure, Scifi]
Stoner -- Life of a guy growing up in the midwest [Realistic Fiction]
Meddling Kids -- Distant friends reunite to solve an old mystery [Mystery]
Sadie -- Teen's sister is murdered and she decides to investigate [Mystery]
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