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Vote on "What stipulation/theme should we have for September?"
Ended: 2021-09-14 23:59:00
Obscure tribal - Choose a tribe with less than 500 decks in EDHRec (https://edhrec.com/tribes) and have at least 25 creatures of that type in your deck
Individual Card Budget - Each card in your deck including commander is less than 0.10(?) tix
Total Budget - Build a deck that costs 10 tix or less, including commander
Artist Tribal - Choose any artist, and all cards in your deck including the Commander were done by that artist
Mana Value - Every card in all decks, including commanders, have a mana value of 3 or less
Pauper - The Commander must have been printed at uncommon and each card in the 99 must have been printed at common
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