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“What is this pumpkin shit. I mean muffin. They literally removed some muffin. Wait, this is good. There’s so much sugar in this” -Matteo
"Lebanon is a great city" -Matteo, a Lebanese person
“I’ve been doing extensive *research* on this” -Matteo talking about how Italians look good
“So Edward’s blowing skills are better than mine” -Matteo
“Imagine being a pole. Like for real” -Matteo In Poland
“I’m a menace on the streets man, don’t worry” -Matteo
“Yes. Do it harder next time!” -Matteo to Matt
“I’m such a nice, wholesome person. I have a very long neck” -Matteo
“The best part about doing outreach is that everyone else is just women” -Matteo
“Honestly I’m truly unparalleled in the fashion world” -Matteo
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