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Guest Speakers like Rob Nosse, Kathleen Taylor
Recruit diverse members across many measures and dimensions
Apply for SEUL grant
Lobby for Housing. Support more FAR and lot coverage in R1, Residential Infill Project (RIP), Senate Bill 2001
Fun community connection events, Know your neighbors
Portland Pace Car Initiative http://www.douthit.biz/docs/pace_car_brochure.pdf
Float in the Division/Clinton Street Parade ala NOLA style
Parking Day takeover public parking spaces for other creative uses (art projects, pocket parks)
Get people lingering outside with Porch Party Tuesday and Smoking Group
Strong Social/Community Aspect, weekly night out at local businesses
Calendar of Events, Commit to a rhythm of activities (ie once per month)
Rituals (David Brooks article), Baby Shower for Francis, Mel and Brendon
Emergency Prep Resources, Bulk Price offering of supplies (shut off valve tools, etc)
Neighborhood Emergency Teams
Caring for neighbors in times of need, know your neighbors, look out for elders and vulnerable
Supporting Greenway Stystem
Renter Outreach
Online Decision Making use technology to get things done
Events inclusive involvement
Experiment with new and dynamic structures
Education on Topics
Banish Robert’s Rules of Order, adopt Martha’s rules--or something like that--instead
Safety Focus, fire prevention
Slow Poke Bike Rides, weekly
Block parties and street closures
Break into Action/Carrying committees of 5-7 people for projects
Can we play in the street as a metric of success
Anti grafitti, adopt an area to clean, daily, weekly
Cross-neighborhood geographical boundaries ie inner Hawthorne/Division/Belmont to 50th
Runoff Matrix
Ballot Record