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Vote on "2021 California Gubernatorial Recall Election"
Ended: 2021-09-30 00:00:00
JEFF HEWITT (Libertarian) - Riverside County Supervisor
DAN KAPELOVITZ (Green) - Criminal Defense Attorney
MICHAEL LOEBS (None) - University Lecturer
NICKOLAS WILDSTAR (Republican) - Musician/Entrepreneur/Father
LARRY A. ELDER (Republican) - Broadcaster/Author
DANIEL WATTS (Democratic) - Free Speech Lawyer
HEATHER COLLINS (Green) - Business Owner/Hairstylist
DAVID MOORE (None) - Public School Teacher
MAJOR SINGH (None) - Software Engineer
JACQUELINE MCGOWAN (Democratic) - Cannabis Policy Advisor
KEVIN PAFFRATH (Democratic) - Financial Educator/Analyst
DENNIS RICHTER (None) - Retail Store Worker
JOHN R. DRAKE (Democratic) - College Student
JAMES G. HANINK (None) - Retired Educator
JOEL VENTRESCA (Democratic) - Retired Airport Analyst
CAITLYN JENNER (Republican) - Businessperson/Entrepreneur
ADAM PAPAGAN (None) - Entertainer
DENIS LUCEY (None) - Teacher
BRANDON M. ROSS (Democratic) - Physician/Attorney
HOLLY L. BAADE (Democratic) - Mother/Business Owner
PATRICK KILPATRICK (Democratic) - Actor/Screenwriter/Producer
KEVIN L. FAULCONER (Republican) - Businessman/Educator
ANGELYNE (None) - Entertainer
KEVIN KILEY (Republican) - California Legislator
CHAUNCEY "SLIM" KILLENS (Republican) - Retired Correctional Officer
DANIEL MERCURI (Republican) - Father/Business Owner
DENVER STONER (Republican) - Deputy Sheriff
DAVID HILLBERG (Republican) - Aircraft Mechanic/Actor
KEVIN K. KAUL (None) - Real Estate Developer
STEVE CHAVEZ LODGE (Republican) - Retired Homicide Detective
DIEGO MARTINEZ (Republican) - Businessman
DOUGE OSE (Republican) - Farmer/Small Businessman
ROBERT C. NEWMAN II (Republican) - Farmer/Psychologist
LEO S. ZACKY (Republican) - Businessman/Farmer
DAVID ALEXANDER BRAMANTE (Republican) - Realtor/Multifamily Developer
JOHN COX (Republican) - Businessman/Accountant/Father
JOE M. SYMMON (Republican) - Community Volunteer
JENNY RAE LE ROUX (Republican) - Business Owner/Mother
DAVID LOZANO (Republican) - Executive Officer/Attorney
RHONDA FURIN (Republican) - Nonprofit President
SARAH STEPHENS (Republican) - Pastor
ANTHONY TRIMINO (Republican) - Entrepreneur/CEO
SAM L. GALLUCCI (Republican) - Pastor/CEO/Consultant
TED GAINES (Republican) - Board of Equalization Member
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