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Vote on "Most desired uprades in future Arcimotos"
Windshield wiper on/off instead of pressing 3x for a quick wipe
ABS braking for safety
Dashboard control to set charging target/max level and see estimated miles left until charging required
Mobile app to set charging target/max level, see charging status (vehicle staus will be available around end-of-year)
Hinged cover inside trunk
Easily removeable rear seat for storage
Built in front and rear dash cam
Full soft door made of sheet vinyl and ballistic nylon (will likely be zippered to get in/out)
Auto adjust parking brake
Technical manual with schematics
12v battery health meter that shows on dashboard
Clock display on current screen
A built in area to put a DIY screen for GPS maps/CarPlay/Android Auto
Mudflap over rear tire
A quieter fan for cooling
A manual way to unlock the power parking brake with a key when vehicle needs towed due to electrical failure and inability to unlock parking
Easier to remove 12v battery with easy access for trickle charger
7 kW or faster on board charger
Traction control
A larger display with integrated backup camera that would display while vehicle in reverse (like Tesla Model 3)
Remote start of seat heaters and defrost
Cruise control (start button to activate and brake to deactivate)
Microphone on the speakers for cell calls
Selectable torque: “Econ” or “Sport”
Parts sales
Removable upper door made of sheet vinyl and ballistic nylon (will likely be zippered to get in/out)
Windshield wiper control (with interval speeds) on handlebars
Over-the-air firmware updates via the mobile app
Folding down rear seat to put crate or other items on flat surface
A separate screen for GPS maps/CarPlay/Android Auto
Three wheel motors
A place to put small items like sunglasses, wallet, and parking meter change
Tunnel to route wires to the rear for rear dash cam, backup cam
Website that lets you set charging target/max level, see charging status, see vehicle status and other things the mobile app can do
Adjustable startup sound and volume
Regular full hard door with window (likely for next generation FUV in several years)
A method to turn on the Arcimoto without mashing the brake pedal
Integrated LED headlights (and other lights like tail lights and license plate light)
Access panels near the driver’s knees are made bigger and into easily removable compartments for sunglasses, wallet, change. That way you can still do resets without a screwdriver and have more room to put your hand inside to find wires to pull apart and buttons to push
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