• You may score as many candidates as you like from 0 (no support) to 5 (max support).
  • You may give the same score to multiple candidates.
  • The two highest-scoring candidates are finalists.
  • The finalist scored higher by more voters wins.
Vote on "How would you vote in the 2022 Australian Federal Election if we had STAR voting?"
Australian Labor Party
Katter's Australian Party, Shooters Fishers & Farmers, Australian Conservatives, Christian Democratic Party, Democratic Labor Party etc.
Australian Greens
Australia First Party, Australian Protectionist Party, Great Australian Party, Love Australia or Leave etc.
Animal Justice Party
Independent (Voices-endorsed)
Australian Progressives, Science Party, Secular Party of Australia, Australian Workers' Party, Affordable Housing Party, Climate Emergency Action Alliance: Vote Planet etc.
The New Liberals (TNL), Federal ICAC Now, VoteFlux, Pirate Party, etc.
Indigenous-Aboriginal Party of Australia
United Australia Party
Socialist Alliance, Socialist Equality Party
Pauline Hanson's One Nation
Parties or candidates not mentioned elsewhere
Centre Alliance, Australian Democrats, Rex Patrick Team
Liberal Party of Australia, National Party of Australia, LNP
Independent (non-Voices-endorsed)
Runoff Matrix
Ballot Record